The Strangest Nation

As we rise this morn and look to the hills, the son rises over.

His star, shining bright against the backdrop of night, the seraphim stand in awe.

The birth of a child, holiness rending the night.

Warriors stand guard, awaiting the coming of the great King. Should they fight? Is his reign threatening?

Kings and emperors seek their signs, what could they mean?

For today we witness the birth of the one true King and the rise of the strangest nation.

It is not for reindeer or gifts or sleigh that we celebrate this winter day.

The start, the flash, of the immortal come to inhabit this earthly portal.

The birth of the one who battles not with sword or arrow, but with holiness and power.

The beginning of a new kind of people who follow a new kind of way.

For it is not flesh against flesh or spirit against spirit this King does battle.

Love and righteousness are his weapons and his enemy, death.

And by death, his nation is shattered. And by new life his nation established.

And who are these people following the King? The strangest nation, rising into suffering.

For it is not by sword and arrow that they do battle. But by justice and love they bring peace.

Obedient, they pay taxes to kings that are not their King.

Dual citizens, they fight battles against enemies that are not their Enemy.

Rich, they give what they have to the poor, yet great is their increase.

Who are this number who claim allegiance to One but devote service to others?

It is none but the strangest nation, rising at the birth of the one true King.

Every tribe and every language, bound up in holiness, loyal to He who comes on seraph’s wing.

Immortal, born mortal to end our suffering.


4 thoughts on “The Strangest Nation

  1. It has taken me a while to open and read your words. I have always loved the way you write. You really should write a book! I think it would be a great success. And I am not just saying that because I am your mom. Your words have a profound affect on those that read them, they are very powerful and cause much reflection. Love you!

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