One thing that I have seen in myself is fear. In my life, there have been many times where I needed a help or an answer to a certain question or someone to hold my hand while I explored a certain topic. Sometimes, the answer would come through conversations but more often than not, I was afraid to ask. I would turn to google and books and hope the answers I found were in some way helpful. Not everything I found was useful, but occasionally a really good book would come out of the search. Below are the best tools that I have found to help me in my journey. I hope they can help you too.


These two study bibles have been massively beneficial to me. Both are excellent resources and pleasant to read and use. Since the writing and interpretation styles are very different, they can be used to balance each other well and help bring a fuller picture into view.

  1. Life Application Study Bible – NLT
  2. The Reformation Study Bible – ESV


Even though study bibles are full of valuable commentary, additional commentary can make the scriptures come alive.

  1. Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Commentary

Christian Living:

These books range a whole host of topics. I hope they provide value to you as they did me.

  1. Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life

2. When Sinners Say I Do